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Our products

Auxiliary equipment for woodworking enterprises

Trading House "Holunitsa"

At the organization of any production the system of different types are needed for the automatization of the production process, which make the manual labour easier and rise the labour productivity at the enterprise as a whole. At the installation of a store or a shop you will also need a lift or a conveyor for the reduction of labour forces in the process of sorting and supply of products. The lift, conveyor and automatic systems will help you to decide these complex tasks.

CLR “Holunitsa” has been engaged in projecting, production and mounting of technologic equipment for more than ten years. Today “Holunitsa” is a big staff of engineers and workers of high qualification, having the great potential to realize the most complicated projects in the production lines’ creation: rollgangs, conveyors and lifts. We realize both production and sale conveyors for the solution of any production tasks, according to individual orders.

The Construction Bureau (CB) collaborators of CLR “Holunitsa” introduce successfully new elaborations, among which are the shneck cracker and the shneck press.

We offer our customers not standard engineering decisions, but optimal ones, taking maximally into consideration the conditions of the technical process at the definite enterprise.
The main direction of our activity is projecting and also manufacturing, mounting and start-and-adjustment of different equipment types “for the key”:



Lift, conveyor, rollgang and complex automatic transport lines are obligatory links of many technologic chains at the enterprises of each branch. Conveyor is equally necessary both at the metallurgical production and at the chemical production, automatic transport lines are successfully used at the chemical, machine-building and other enterprises, the lift is necessary for each branch for cargo lifting. The reliability of these elements at the production lines are key parameters, influencing the quality of produced items. Our products are a guaranty of the high competitiveness of the goods you produced. Our items are produced for mining-extraction, food and wood-processing industries, machine-building, current production. All the technics is designed for static and dynamic loads, - the fact, increasing its durability. All the types of the unstandard equipment are tested in our own production base. The experience model is produced, according to the customer wish, and only after all the recommendations are introduced, the whole consignment is produced. The engaged productive powers allow us to produce items of any consignments.
Inspite of the order’s volume, we produce items for the needs of each definite customer. You’ll receive the very conveyor, rollgang or lift, that you need, according to the technical requirements.
To your service are: the staff of highly-qualified collaborators of Construction Bureau, machine-park of modern equipment, engineers - technology mechanics and electronics workers of high qualification. We have a great experience of many different systems’ supply behind.

We are engaged in elaboration of:

  • unstandard equipment
  • lifting and transporting equipment
  • the systems of the production process complex automatization.


Among pur clients we have Belorechensk CJSC “Eoro-Chim” (equipment supply was made for the production of fertilizers), OJSC “Novolipetsk Metallurgic Combine” (the pipe conveyors supply was made), OJSC “Volgograd Metallurgic Plant “Krasny Oktyabr” (such production types were supplied as the pipe conveyor and the screw conveyor). Their production was greatly recommended in the domestic market
If you are interested in our production, contact with us in any comfortable way for you.

Delivery throughout Russia. From the manufacturer.

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