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Main PRODUCTIONNoriya is grain tape

Noriya is grain tape ladle

Noriya of the NZ type are applied to vertical transportation of grain, granules and mealy products at the flour-grinding and formula-feed enterprises, on elevators, drying and cleaning towers, lines of granulation, the hlebopriyomnykh points.

Device and principle of work of a noriya of grain tape

Noriya represents the car of continuous transport with flexible working body in the form of a tape with ladles.

Noriya grain tape consists of the following knots

• head

• boot

• drive

• smooth mine

• assembly mine

• a tape with ladles

• vzryvarazryaditel of shiberny type

The head of a noriya grain has the flange for connection of mines, the flange of a branch pipe of unloading and the flange for connection of a vzryvorazryaditel and also an adjusting slope for reduction of a prosypaniye of the transported product in a noriya.

On a submotor plate of a head of a noriya the motor reducer on which shaft the driving reel setting working body of a noriya in motion – a tape with ladles is fixed is installed. Ladles fasten to a tape special assembly bolts, nuts and washers at installation of a noriya.

The boot of a noriya grain has the flange for connection of mines, a loading branch pipe, the assembly gate.

In a boot freely rotating tension reel is installed. The screw tension device serves for providing a necessary tension of a tape. Adjustment of tension bolts of the device has to provide parallelism of an axis of bearings of a drum of a boot with an axis of bearings of a drum of a head.

The mine assembly has on the ascending branch a branch pipe for connection of aspiration and the viewing hatch, on the descending (returnable) branch there is a longitudinal hatch for convenience of installation of a tape, fastening and replacement of ladles.

The smooth mine has no hatches and branch pipes.


Control devices of a noriya grain tape are: sensor subtime, speed sensor, sensor of control of temperature of the bearing and sensor of a descent of a tape.


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