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Main PRODUCTIONThe scraper conveyors with sinked scrapers




- the questionnaire on the scraper conveyor



  • The scraper conveyors are designed to transport grain and the products of its processing and are used in the composition with the highly - productive mill equipment.


Technical Characteristic Features:

  1. Productivity, t/h, max.: 150
  2. Length, m, max.: 80
  3. Speed of the Driving part, m/s, max.: 1
  4. Drive (Capacity) Power, kwt, max.: 7,5



  • Conveyors with sinked scrapers are designed for horizontal transportation of grain in the elevators, bread - reception points, mills, grain and mized fodder plants.


  • Conveyors may be used also in other branches of industry for the transportation of the pouring loads, having close to grain physical-mechanical properties and the temperature, not higher than the environment’s temperature.


  • Conveyors are reversible, i.e. they may transport the cargo to one side or another.


  • Conveyors are not self-dosing, i.e. the conveyor’s loading should be limited and shouldn’t exceed the maximum productivity of the conveyor at any time unit.


  • Conveyors are designed to work in the industrial rooms with the normal level of dustiness and also in the rooms, referred to “B-11a” class, according to the explossiveness.



the scraper conveyor





  • Scraper Conveyors (SC) look like the closed metallic rectangular section baskets, composed of typical assemblies. The drive and stretch sections are installed in the ends of the basket.


  • The drive, produced like a motor-reductor, is installed directly in the drive section and is connected to the drive shaft by the chain transmission. The turning moment from the drive is transmitted to the drive shaft through the cutting finger, installed on the hub of the led asterisk.


  • The rectilinear sections of the conveyor form the line sections of different length, giving the opportunity to compose routes of any length in the limits of technical data.


  • The unloading openings, being closed by the controlled shiber shuts at necessity, are provided in the places of unloading in the bottom of the rectangular basket. The shuts are equipped by the mechanic drive, looking like a motor-reductor, connected to the drive shaft of the shut with the help of the safety friction sleeve of the limited moment.


  • In the points of the conveyor loading, at its mounting in the place of operation, the sections’ conveyors are cut by leaks, though which grain is supplied by self-flowing into the conveyor. For the unreversed transportation, the chain with the scrapers, looking like the flat plates, are used; for the reverse transportation - the combined chain, on which the flat plates are taking turns with the ladles: direct ones and return ones, is used. The ladles serve for cleaning of the gable and zones of the conveyor out of the stored cargos.


  • The upper (idle) branch of the chain in its motion is supported by the durable direction line, fixed on the supports between the walls of the rectangular basket.


  • The lower (working) branch of the chain, being sinked into the load (cargo), filling the rectangular basket, makes it to move and transfers it along the basket.


  • At the spontaneous stop of the scraper chain or at changing the speed of its motion, due to arising damages, the conveyor’s automatic device switches the drive off and puts the emergency alarm on.




- The questionnaire on the scraper conveyor



  • The conveyors are designed to transport the dusty, powdering, grainy and small-pieces pouring loads (maximum size of a piece is to 15 mm).

  • Conveyors look like closed metallic baskets of the rectangular section, composed on the type assemblies, inside of which the close circuit, equipped by scrapers, unloading, drive and stretch sections, is moving.
  • The drive is built in the independent frame and may be installed both from the left and from the right along the cargo motion’s route.
  • Conveyors are loaded through the loading leaks in any place of the conveyor (the quantity and the location is determined by the customer in the place of operation).
  • Conveyor unloading is made through the constantly open opening in the drive section.
  • The intermediate unloading is made through the window in the unloading section, which is installed in any place, defined by the customer’s task.


- Get acquainted with technical characteristic features



- The questionnaire on the scraper conveyor


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